Why Are So Many People Talking About Lavender?

Lavender looks unique among flowering plants. You’ll immediately notice the small purple-tinged buds that grow at the top of the plant.

One thing that hippies have been discovering entails how lavender is a great relaxant. It does well in relieving pain and in enhancing anyone’s mood.

But how is this possible? Better yet, how are you going to use lavender yourself? Let’s take note of how well lavender can work and what makes it distinct.


Understanding Lavender

To start, it helps to see what the lavender plant features. Lavender is a plant in the mint family that features a distinct scent. It has a purple color and can grow to be a few feet high.

Lavender has been utilized by cultures for generations. It was used to provide a slight scent to various items, particularly clothing.

The plant dates back in history by at least 2,500 years. It was initially found in the Middle East and the Mediterranean regions. Lavender has spread to where it grows in many parts around the world. You could grow your own lavender plants too.

The oil produced by the lavender plant makes it work well. The oil is extracted through cold pressing or other methods. The compound comes from the buds and is diluted in water. The effort will produce a solution for topical use or to inhale while heated.

What Can You Get From Lavender?

Lavender is ideal for anyone who wants to feel a little calmer. Take a look at some of the things that come out of lavender:

  1. Lavender can help you sleep a little better at night. Apply a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow before you sleep.
  2. Lavender oil can also be diluted in water and applied to areas of the body that feel pain. Lavender produces an anti-inflammatory response.
  3. You can reduce your blood pressure and heart rate when you inhale lavender. It becomes easier for blood to flow through your body, thus keeping you from feeling tense.
  4. You can also reduce inflammation in your nasal passages and airways when you inhale lavender. The oil’s vapors can soften excess mucus and allow it to move out of the region.
  5. Women bearing with menopause can experience less intense hot flashes when they use lavender. Lavender aromatherapy relaxes the body and allows the hormones to restore themselves.

What Makes Lavender Work?

Scientists are studying lavender to figure out what makes it unique. Some of the points that have been discovered surrounding lavender include the following:

  • Lavender provides a soothing sensation to the body’s gastric system. The vapors can keep the area from feeling irritated.
  • Lavender may also dilate blood capillaries. The vapors or a topical application will allow these parts to facilitate proper blood flow.
  • Your mood may also improve. The point may come from how blood moves through your brain.

Further studies are necessary to see how well lavender works. But there results right now have been promising.

How Do You Use It?

You can use lavender in many forms. You can heat diluted lavender oil in an aromatherapy machine. The vapors can carry well throughout your room and provide a relaxing sensation.

You can also dilute lavender oil in water and apply it to parts of the body that need help. The body does well in absorbing the oil when you add enough water. About 2 percent of the solution should consist of lavender.

A Critical Note

There is one more thing to note about lavender. You should not try to orally ingest the oil, nor should you use it without diluting it first. Pure lavender oil might be too intense or dangerous to handle before dilution.