Why Are Men Putting Flowers In Their Beards?

One of the more interesting trends you might have seen in hippie culture over the last few years involves men putting flowers in their beards. It seems unusual, given that you’re supposed to put those flowers in your hair. But it is something that has popped up in hippie culture over the years. The trend was first seen in the 1970s, but it has expanded over the years. The point comes as men share images of themselves with these flowers in their beards online.

Men are now very creative when putting these flowers in their beards. Some men will take one or two flowers and place them in all that facial hair. Others might try and arrange a bunch of pedals and bulbs and place them all over their beards. That creates a “beard of flowers” effect.

But what is inspiring so many men to do that? Let’s look at what makes this trend so interesting among hippie men.

A Deep Mixture

Having flowers in one’s beard will produce an image that combines a masculine attitude with feminine romanticism. The beard has long been seen as the ultimate sign of masculinity. Meanwhile, flowers have developed a feminine connotation of sorts over the years.

Combining the two points creates a union between the masculine and feminine sides of a person. It establishes a feeling of inner peace all around. A man might want to show that he understands the world around him and that he’s there for everyone.

The best part of this is that a man knows that neither man nor woman is superior to the other gender. It is through the work of men and women together that it becomes easier for people to go forward. Unity helps people feel better about their lives.

Going Against Authority

Part of hippie culture involves challenging authority and doing things well beyond the norm. For a man, going outside the norm entails having a classy look with a fancy beard of flowers. It is something no person might expect to notice. But for hippies, it is a sign of peace and love among everyone.

A Celebration of Nature

People these days have forgotten about the value of nature and what makes it ideal. Men are wearing flowers in their heads to get back to nature and to respect what they see. It is akin to the floral crown that people have been wearing for years, not to mention the floral necklaces that many people also sport. Finding new ways to show one’s love for nature can be a challenge, so it’s no surprise that the beard would be a part of the general evolution of this point in how people look and support the world.

Symbolic Rebirth

Every person experiences a rebirth at some point. Some people feel it every year as the seasons change. Men with flowers in their beards will wear them to highlight their feelings as the world becomes reborn every spring. They will also wear them to show that they’re willing to open their minds and become new people in many ways. It is fascinating to look at how so many men with floral beards are willing to respond to the world and show what they are feeling.

You should consider these points the next time you see a man at a hippie event with flowers in his beard. It’s about more than an accessory. It’s about being in touch with the self. The only question now is what men are going to do next as they try to create the most unique and inviting floral beards.

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