US President Threatens To Shoot US Citizens, Gets Penalized By Twitter

Last night President Trump sent out a tweet regarding the riots in Minneapolis suggesting that he will shoot American citizens in response to the looting.

Twitter has swiftly penalized the tweet, saying that it violates the Twitter terms of service regarding “Glorifying Violence”. Despite violations of the TOS Twitter has left the tweet up due to their policy of public interest exceptions, which means they determined it was in the public interest to leave the tweet public.

This morning in response Trump declares he will regulate Twitter in retaliation, a direct violation of the 1st amendment.

Does the President realize that Twitter is a private organization which is protected by the 1st amendment from having its freedom of speech regulated by the government?

Does the President realize that Twitter is ran by a Libertarian, whose platforms user base is 49% black & latino?

Does the President realize that he threatened to shoot US citizens?