Top 10 Crystals You Should Have

If you are looking to build up your crystal collection – either because you are just starting to get interested in them or because you need to add to your collection – there are some very basic crystals that you should have. You can wear them as jewelry or you can set them around your house.

If you need to bulk up your collection, here are a few of our favorite crystals:


Selenite has many benefits, including reduced headaches, pain, and tension. To help get the benefits, you should hold the stone or wand over your pained area. It can also help to reduce nervousness, helps you to stay mellow, and can connect you to your higher realms.

Many people will use selenite in the form or a wand or a tower. This is one of the cheapest stone you can get – and a great place to start.


Celestite it another crystal that people use during meditation to help calm the mind and stay focused. This stone will also open up your crown chakra and is incredibly useful as a palm stone.

If you are looking for a great stone to decorate your home, celstite is a light blue shade and quite sparkly.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is an easy to find stone that is beautiful and neutral, making it perfect for display in homes. If you tend to hold stress in your body, keep this stone near your bed or office chair so that you can seek relief.

The bigger the smoky quartz, the better!

Rose Quartz

One of the most common and easily available stones is rose quartz. A pale pink, it helps you to draw love to yourself and to love yourself. Many people will use this in the rough form as a display piece.

However, you can also get polished palm stones and hearts to use during meditation or to keep on your person. There are plenty of smaller pieces available that won’t break the bank.

Shiva Lingham

If you need energy in your home, Shiva Lingham is a fantastic stone to display in your home. It will make everyone have just a bit more energy, be more positive, and helps to increase focus.

These stones are a little harder to find, so do your research.


If you are looking for some extra energy throughout the day, ruby is a good place to start. Ruby jewelry is quite popular, and you can find it almost everywhere. Wear it to get the burst of energy, to help with your sex life, and encourage you to take actions on your dreams.


If you tend to eat or drink a lot and that leads to brain fog, fluorite is a great stone to help eliminate that. Keep fluorite towers around your home or office to reap the benefits.


If you tend to get cuts or bruises in your day to day life, hematite can help by helping those to heal faster. It can even help with emotional trauma!

Black Tourmaline

If you tend to have negative thoughts, keep some black tourmaline around your home or on your person. Black tourmaline helps to decrease those thoughts and push you towards positivity.


Citrine helps with digestion and bodily functions. Keep a hunk of it in your kitchen or in your lunch bag to get the benefits. It can also help to increase creativity and break through boundaries.

Crystals are great tools to help facilitate change in your life. While you will need to do the action, keep them around to help you remember.

Image by alusruvi from Pixabay