Do Modern Hippies Still Exist In 2020?

The hippies’ counterculture is a movement that began in the late 1960s to early 1970s as the youths’ answer to the cultural, political, and social problems of that time. It was classified by Jimi Hendrix, weed, LSD, advocating for peace in Vietnam, and the women’s liberation movement. The hippies had a system governed by peace, love, and happiness which made them popularly known as free spirits, indigo children, Bohemians, and flower children. 

They were mainly drifters who fought against set norms, values, religion, and cultural expectations of their parents and society. They were into Zen Buddhism and believed a lot in the spiritual awakening of the mind. They ate clean natural food and used essential oil and deodorants. They meditated and used a lot of drugs and psychedelics such as LSD to awaken their spiritual self. 

While the movement succeeded in part in achieving spiritual awakening and political assertiveness, many of them were damaged from the use of drugs and the movement soon lost its popularity. It became associated with a lot of unsavory things and before long, it was unfashionable to be a hippie but we are happy to announce that the culture is now back and better than ever before.


The hippies of this generation are descendants of the youth cultural movements in the 60s and 70s with just a few differences. They still wear their hair down, grow out their hair to its maximum limit, wear sandals, preach peace, and are politically assertive.

The only differences are that while the old hippie movement was characterized by festivals, the new one is characterized mainly by ravers and while the old movement experimented a lot with drugs, the modern hippie movement has become almost synonymous to healthy living. 

They modern hippie movement is characterized into four groups:

a. the new hippies or neo-hippies;

b. the granola children;

c. the techno hippies; and

d. rippies or yunkers


The neo-hippies are often referred to as the ‘true-blue hippies’ and they are the descendants of the 1960’s counterculture. They are the poster pictures for full-blown hippies and they still follow the original hippie values and beliefs to the letter. This means that; they are staunch advocates of peace, love, and freedom, they are very politically educated and informed, they are up-to-date with their environment and protest against things that affect their core values.

As a result of their ‘true-blue hippies’ nature, neo-hippies also share some of the downsides of being a hippie in the 60s. This means that even though their fashion is awesome is futuristic even in the fashion sphere, they also like to experiment with drugs as a means of promoting their campaign for liberalism.

The second class of hippies in the ‘modern-day hippie’ classification is a really downplayed version of the neo-hippies in a way. They are not very political and subscribe to few or no social idealism. They are environment-friendly and mostly advocate for their environments. Most of them are vegetarians and are known to eat only clean and healthy things. They don’t take drugs and they are often called granola children because of their bright and natural tendencies.

While most people are comfortable with the granola children, not many can say the same for techno hippies even though they also uphold the hippie tradition of spreading love and peace wherever they go.

The techno hippies can be said to be the direct opposite of granola children. They are not as in tune with the environment as their hippie counterparts and they are often seen as angry hippies. They are more forward and modern than any type of hippie and they take the hippie culture to the next level. In terms of fashion, the techno hippies can only be likened to the gothic movement. They sport strange hairstyles like dreadlocks and have tattoos as well as piercings on their bodies. They organize and participate in a lot of rave parties to advocate their opinions and they also take a lot of drugs and alcohol. They are also very in tune with the latest technologies in the world and they make use of the internet to further their advocacies. 

The final class of ‘modern-day hippies’ are called rippies and usually by the first three classes of modern-day hippies because they are believed to be ripping off the hippie lifestyle. They are not politically assertive or environmental friendly. They don’t uphold the hippie values and beliefs. They mostly use the hippie lifestyle as an excuse to take alcohol and drugs. 

Photo Credit: Aldo Deldara