Best Cheese Substitutes To Try Now

Trying to make a switch to a more animal-friendly lifestyle? One of the hardest transitions you can make is the transition from cheese to something else. Most people will tell you that they won’t have a problem with quitting milk or even quitting eggs when they try to go vegan. No, their problem is cheese.

Luckily, the vegan industry has heard loud and clear and they have created so many great new products that will help you to make the switch.


Miyoko cheese is packaged and looks pretty much like real cheese. It is a bit more expensive, but it is worth it if you need something that will function like cheese does. I use Miyoko in my sandwiches and when I am cooking for other people.

All of Miyoko’s products are quite good, from their hard cheeses (perfect for quesadillas) to their soft cheeses for morning bagels.

Kite Hill

Want some cheese for your pasta? Craving ravioli? Kite Hill makes some really great options that you will love. Instead of using cashews like so many other vegan cheeses will use, this company uses almond milk. It changes the nutritional profile quite a bit.

The problem with Kite Hill is that you won’t get that stringy, stretchy cheese that you’ll get with other cheeses. However, you will get some great flavors.

Amy’s Pizza

Depending where you live, finding a pizza place is going to be difficult. Thankfully, Amy’s Pizza is really accessible (you can get it at Target) and easy to make. While I wouldn’t say that it’s as good as regular pizza, it is a great option for those nights when you want something quick.

You can also make your own pizza, which will probably yield better results.

Daiya Mac & Cheese

Mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food and there’s a bit of nostalgia to it. Now, you won’t be able to buy that blue box of mac and cheese, but you can buy some Daiya.

They make a few different options and flavors, so you can try out the ones that sound the best for you. I tend to add a bit more cheese to mine and some garlic powder.

Nutritional Yeast

If you want to add some cheesy texture to your eggs, casseroles, or some other meal that you would put a Parmesan cheese into, nutritional yeast is a fantastic option. It tastes just like cheese and actually adds more minerals into your meal. Minerals that you will probably have a hard time getting from other foods.

Nutritional yeast comes in a shaker, so keep it for just about any dish you can make. It works best in warm dishes because that helps to break it down. It isn’t bad when it is cold, but it does look a bit like fish food.

Cashew Cheese

If you want to make your own cheese, to really eliminate all of the processed foods from your diet, you can make your cashew cheese. It is actually much easier than it sounds, you just need to have a good blender. Soak your cashews in water overnight (at least) and add some spices. Nutritional yeast will go really far here.

Cheese is going to be a hard thing to quit, it just is. If you are like me, it is an absolute comfort food. I’m not going to lie and say that I haven’t relapsed on cheese a few times when I was having a moment of weakness. Even so, you can beat this addiction. With the cheeses listed above, you never have to feel like you are missing out.

Image by Дарья Яковлева from Pixabay