7 Reasons Why You Should Walk Barefoot

Before civilization, the early men and our ancient ancestors walked around barefoot. This offered them the opportunity to connect with nature. Even as a kid, we spent most of the time walking and playing barefoot. However, as we grow older, we prefer to shove our feet into shoes. Thus, losing the benefits that come with walking barefoot.

Also referred to as grounding or earthing, the art of walking barefoot has gone from being a playful trend to a scientifically-researched practice backed among health practitioners. From reducing stress to refreshing the mind, easing tension and anxiety, walking barefoot for up to 15 minutes daily offer several benefits. Here, we will be providing you with some reasons why you should walk barefoot.

Restore Natural Walking Pattern and Improve Posture

One of the major benefits of walking barefoot is that it restores our natural walking pattern or “gait.” Most of the shoes and footwear we put on feature excessive cushioning and support. Though, the padding of these shoes feels pretty amazing when you put them on. However, they distort your posture and prevent you from making use of certain muscle groups in your feet. Walking barefoot helps strengthen these leg muscles, improve your posture, and provide support for your lower back region.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

In addition, walking barefoot helps reduce stress and anxiety.  When you ground, the brain produces chemicals known as endorphins. These endorphins act as natural painkillers. They help reduce stress and anxiety levels. Also, the endorphins produced through earthing will help stabilize and improve your mood.

Stronger Ankles and Feet

Furthermore, walking barefoot helps to strengthen your ankles and feet. It allows you to move around unrestricted. Sometimes, these shoes can bind and weaken our feet. Footwear can also cause the feet muscles to atrophy. Conversely, earthing helps you activate the muscles of your feet and ankles, and create a better connection between the feet and the brain. With this, you will have improved balance, strength, and body awareness.

Eliminate Free Radicals

As we go about our daily activities, our body is often exposed to free radicals, toxins, and environmental pollutants. These free radicals and toxins can cause damages to healthy cells and tissues in the body. Thus, causing accelerated aging. Daily earthing, in combination with a diet high in anti-oxidant, offers an amazing way to eliminate these free radicals and toxins from the body.

Stimulate Reflexology Points

Each foot contains more than 7000 nerve endings. According to the ancient therapy of reflexology, these points correlate to different body systems and organs. Walking barefoot puts pressure on these points. Thus, improving your overall health and wellness. This benefit makes the earthing therapy similar to acupuncture.

Increase Energy Levels

What’s more, earthing helps to increase energy levels. If you feel tired or groggy during the day, spend some walking barefoot on the ground. It will help you re-energize naturally. This is better and safer than taking stimulating drinks, which often have after-effects in the long term.

Help Connect with Mother Nature

Finally, the practice of walking barefoot helps increase our connection with Mother Nature. Humans are made of the earth. Earthing offers a simple way to remind us of this. Walking barefoot provides us with a heightened sense of awareness in our natural environment or habitat. Thus, boosting our emotional wellbeing and providing clarity of thought.

There you have it! Above are some of the reasons why you should walk barefoot. Getting outside, walking on grass, or touching the ground with the bare feet on a daily basis offer several benefits. In addition to being a soothing experience, it also helps you heal physically and mentally. However, it is important that you are careful to prevent injuries and unwanted infections. Ensure that you maintain necessary safety precautions when earthing to derive all the benefits mentioned above.