7 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Now

The world is a bit of a strange place, especially for those of us who advocate for peace and happiness. That doesn’t mean we can just shut ourselves off. Instead, it means we need to learn more than ever. Podcasts continue to become more and more popular, so there are plenty of options out there for you to consider. Remember that you should use podcasts as learning and entertainment – try to diversity your listening so that you aren’t listening to the same types of podcasts from the same types of people.

If you need something new to listen to, we suggest these podcasts:

Earbiscuits By Rhett & Link

Earbiscuits is a funny name for a podcast, but much of the content that these two lifelong best friends talk about is important. In particular, their episodes about their religious shifts, therapy, and dealing with life’s stressors will help you with growing and changing today.

Some of the episodes might not be for you, unless you watch their YouTube channel, but the episodes where they go deeper are perfect for those looking to change later in life.

The Daily from the New York Times

Just because the world is really hard right now, that doesn’t mean you can just look away. The Daily from the New York Times talks about the different news events that you need to know. You don’t get overwhelmed as these episodes are short, but you do get just enough to keep you informed.

Astrology Today

If you love astrology, start your day with a quick episode (each one is about 3 minutes) that talks specifically about your sign.

With this app, you can start your day with some advice for the day pertaining to your job, relationships, and self improvement.

Almost 30

Almost 30 is a podcast primarily for women who are approaching 30 or those who have passed it. The two hosts, Krista and Lindsey, talk about all aspects of health and wellness. There is a focus on physical and body health as well as mental health, enlightenment, and clarity.

They get some really guests that span the wellness world. The episodes can be quite long, but they are worth it. The first few minutes of the episode are just a catch up session with these two girls who will feel like they’ve become your best friends.

Why Won’t You Date Me? with Nicole Byer

Why Won’t You Date Me? is a hilarious podcast that focuses on relationships, but it touches on so many other topics as well. You know Nicole Byer as the hilarious host of “Nailed It” on Netflix, and she’s even funnier here when she’s in control.

This is definitely a raunchier podcast, so make sure that you use your headphones.

Here to Slay

Roxane Gay and Tressie McMillan lead this podcast that focuses on pop culture, mental health, politics, and more from the perspective of black feminists. It goes deep but stays funny and insightful.

This podcast isn’t available on all platforms, but it will be worth it to go out of your way to get it.

On Being

Krista Tippett leads this podcast that feels like you are talking to your therapist and best friend as they morph into the same person. You will gain some great insights from professionals and common people about what it means to be a human being.

This is certainly the type of podcast that you will want to listen to when you can pay attention.

These are just a few of our favorite podcasts. What is your favorite? Something from Crooked Media? John Cameron Mitchell’s musical podcast? Murder mystery podcasts?

Image by Florante Valdez from Pixabay