6 Tips For Your First Music Festival

When this pandemic is over and people are allowed to go out of their homes and gather again, one of the best things you can do is go to a music festival. Not only do music festivals fill your soul and allow you to connect to people with similar tastes, they employ many people and keep artists thriving.

If you haven’t been to a music festival before, here are some great tips to keep in mind.

Bring Cash

Sitting on the grass and listening to the musicians is a big part of the fun at music festivals, but there is so much more. Many festivals will have artisan areas where you can buy some really great stuff as well as food trucks.

Bring cash if you can. This will help out the vendors and ensure that you don’t overspend. Give yourself a limit and take that out. Some vendors will only take cards, but you want to have cash anyway.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Music festivals require a lot of standing and walking, so wear comfortable shoes. While your outfit might look better with heels, your feet will thank you. Wear something that will support your arches and not create anymore pressure points.

Your best bet is to either wear sneakers or sandals that you know are comfortable. You will be able to sit on the grass and take your shoes off, so consider shoes that are easy to get into and out of in a few seconds.

Forget About Your Phone

No one really cares about your Instagram stories where you show off grainy images of the band. You paid to attend the festival, so don’t watch it through a screen. Instead, keep your phone away and just enjoy the music. You will be able to vibe with other people and create memories in your head instead of on your phone.

You’ll probably just delete those videos in a few months anway.

Establish A Meeting Point

No matter how much you think your group will stay together when you get to the festival, that never happens. Someone needs to go to the bathroom, someone wants to get food, and someone else wants to wander around. The bigger the group, the less likely it is that people will stick together. Your best bet is to pick somewhere to meet up, just in case. Festivals are notorious for not having the best cell reception and most people will kill their batteries before they want to go home.

Just in case, pick a common area to gather when it is time to go home.

Stay Hydrated

Sure, it is tempting to drink anything and everything that is handed to you, but make sure you also drink water. Festivals tend to be hot, you will sweat, and you will probably eat some salty food.

Most festivals will allow you to either purchase a branded water bottle or bring your own reusable bottle so that you can stay hydrated. It may also be a good idea to hydrate pretty well for at least the week before your festival as well.

Be Nice To People

Everyone comes to festivals looking to have fun and listen to music. However, for some people, this is their job. Be sure to be nice to everyone, from the people taking your tickets to the woman who got your order wrong. No one makes mistakes on purpose.

Be calm, slap a smile on your face, and think before you speak.

Music festivals are a lot of fun and can lead to lifelong memories. However, you want to be prepared and take care of yourself (and others) while you are there. Think through every action you make before you make it.

Image by Ben Frieden from Pixabay