6 Reasons Why You Should Walk Barefoot

Walking barefoot is something that many of us did when were kids but we’ve fallen out of practice over the years, for whatever reason. If you are looking for an excuse to take off your shoes and walk barefoot for a few minutes every day – or for a long time, we have quite a few reasons that you should consider.

You’ll Build Stronger Ankles & Feet

One of the best things about walking without shoes is that you are actually building muscles in your feet and ankles. They are allowed to move as they were designed because your shoes are no longer binding your feet. You will have stronger feet that stay balanced on stronger ankles – a double win.

Your Posture Will Improve

If you have found yourself slouching a lot or your back hurts often, it is probably because you have bad posture. When you walk with bare feet, your body is naturally aligned. Wearing shoes, especially those with heels, unaligns your body and makes you walk or hold yourself rigid, which hurts every part of your body.

When you walk with bare feet, your posture improves almost right away. Do it for a few days and see how aches and pains you no longer have.

You’ll Have More Energy

If you’ve ever walked barefoot anywhere, you will immediately start to realize how much energy you have. This is part of the grounding effect when you get in tune with the earth. You may notice this when you swim or lay back on the grass.

If you have moments when you feel tired or worn out, spend a few minutes with your feet on the ground and you will feel different. It will be much better for you than coffee or an energy drink.

Connect With Nature

Another great thing that comes from walking barefoot is that you can connect with nature. Feeling the grass, dirt, or sand under your feet will help you to connect to Mother Nature in ways that we don’t really get a chance to do anymore.

Make sure that the environment is clear from anything that will hurt you – and start reconnecting right away. Just a few minutes and you will feel different.

You’ll Reduce Free Radical Exposure

When you touch your bare feet to the earth, you will get free electrons, which will reduce free radicals. This helps you to stay healthy, young, and safe. While you should get most of your free radicals from eating a diet high in antioxidants, daily walks with bare feet can also help.

You’ll See A Reduction In Inflammation

Now this one may seem strange, but walking without shoes can reduce inflammation in your body. Since many of us will feel our feet swell when we walk in shoes, this is strange. Do yourself a favor and take your shoes off when you walk and see how your inflammation goes down.

If you suffer from a disease that relates back to inflammation, such as IBS or asthma, you may even see some relief.

What are you waiting for? While you will need to ensure that it is appropriate to not wear your shoes, and you will need to ensure that you won’t get hurt, even just sitting in your yard is great. It might hurt at first, but your feet will eventually get tougher. Go outside and walk barefoot for a bit!

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay