Vermont Police Dogs to no longer be trained to smell marijuana

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That’s right folks, the legal-weed train is still making it’s way through the country and it doesn’t seem to be holding back anytime soon. We’ve seen that Colorado and Washington as strong role-models for the type of relationship states can have with legalized weed, and they’re not the only ones. Oregon and Alaska have already followed suit, and other states are well on the way as well, one example is Vermont.

In anticipation of the possibility that recreational marijuana will become legalized in the near-future, officers have ceased training police K-9 units to be able to detect the smell of marijuana.

“The class that is going through right now is not being trained to alert on marijuana odor,” stated Robert Ryan, Vermont’s head K-9 training coordinator.

States like Colorado and Oregon have already started conducting similar changes to their K-9 training programs. Although the efficiency of police dogs detecting illegal substances is well-proved, they lack the ability to distinguish the type of substance they are smelling, imposing a burden on police and civilians alike in states where marijuana is legal.

What does this mean for K-9’s already trained in the art of sniffing out the greens? Have no fear, they still are qualified in being police dogs, and have been transferred to schools and prisons, areas that still prohibit the possession and use of recreational marijuana.

Should the bill to legalize recreational marijuana fails, then the police dogs will be returned to their original positions, and the police force will reinstitute marijuana-sniffing training.

Original article here, from Times Argus. 

That’s an interesting choice for police officers to make, but it’s the way the world is heading I think. This way, civilians won’t be constantly pulled over and unnecessarily questioned about their legal half-ounce, or roach in the ashtray. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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