So you think you’re a hippy?

Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

There is no wrong path to becoming a hippie, because being a hippie isn’t an occupation or a title, it’s a mindset. If you don’t even want to put a title on it, you don’t necessarily have to, you just have to have a sense of connection with the world, and an understanding that life requires balance. Many of us, tend to follow a certain path of gaining this mindset, one that follows a true cycle of destruction and rebirth into a person with the ideals and hopes of a hippie!

Existential Crisis

To become something new, you must destroy the foundations of what was already there. It might seem a little drastic, but it can all start with one little question. Ironically, “Why?” is the biggest question of all, isn’t it? At some point in every hippie’s life, they had to ask themselves a question, a question that shook the foundations of everything they thought they already knew.

New appreciation for minimalism

After the core of your stream of thought has been questioned, and altered, you begin to strip away everything that might’ve taken away your ability to think clearly. By decluttering your mind, you also begin to declutter your life, you get rid of unnecessary things, unnecessary furniture, and unnecessary people. At the end of this, you might find that you can actually survive with quite few luxuries.

Anarchy! Until you adopt a new lifestyle habit

With all the new empty space in your life, you will gain a new appreciation for all the empty space in your life, for like five minutes. Then you’ll face the impending emptiness and realize, you need an anchor. You need some new strategy of life to cling and base your goals and ideals from. So you try everything. From new foods to new books to different kinds of hobbies, you explore all of your options.

Reacceptance of order among the chaos

You understand people much better after studying so many different lifestyles and cultures, but you understand yourself so much more. You have decided your new favorites, some of the things you love haven’t changed, and what didn’t stay the same doesn’t mean you’re a different person, it just mean you have different views now. With your studying of various foods and activities and cultures you will gain a sense of connectivity as you see connections between them. You will have gained a new sense of direction, and a new appreciation for how the forces and workings of the world all interact with each other.

Like I said before, there is no wrong path to becoming a hippie, what was yours like? Did it follow a path like this? What did your anchor become? Or were you born a hippie? Or just naturally come to this mindset? Share your stories with us!

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