Signs that you’ve found the hippie girl of your dreams

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There’s no girl like a hippie girl, and some are lucky enough to call a hippie girl their companion. A hippie girl is proud, trusting and she will always keep you on your toes. Is the girl in your life the one of your dreams? Although only you can tell, our list of signs is also a good place to start!

1. She totally trusts you (and you totally trust her)

You totally trust each other with everything, even your phones. Never will you have to worry that she’s keeping any secret from you, other than the one about your surprise party, (sorry, bro) and you’ll never have to be afraid of telling her the truth. You make decisions together and always trust each other’s judgement when it matters.

2. She is always encouraging you to be healthier (in a non-nagging way)

Your hippie girl has brought into your life a plethora of new foods that you didn’t even know existed, and she cooks the ones you knew before way better than you can. Not only that, it’s healthier than what you make. She wants you to be around for a long time, so she always drags you onto nature walks and hikes as well!

3. She knows you’re going to make mistakes, and she’s already forgiven you for them

Every hippie girls know that even the most graceful of people can misstep, so she doesn’t expect you to be superman. If you make a mistake, she might laugh, but she’ll understand and she’ll move past it without another thought.

4. She gives the best surprises/gifts/advice/etc.

One of the best things about her is that she’ll give the best gifts and advice, it’s always well thought out and meaningful. You’re envious at her skills to nail the gifts at every birthday and anniversary, and one day you probably hope to give her a present that will make her feel the same.

5. She’s not just your significant other, but your best friend too

When the two of you can spend a whole day with each other just talking, sharing jokes and talking about the things you hate jokingly, you not only find someone you love, but a friend unlike any other. She’ll come to you with all of her problems, and you’ll tell her yours too.

6. She’s never afraid to be herself

Walking around town you know that there’s always a good chance she’ll burst into dance or ask for a piggy-back ride, and you’re totally fine with that. She’s a free-spirit that you enjoy watching interact with the world, because she does it without hesitation.

7. She can’t be bought

She doesn’t care about what you have or don’t have, and she even comments on how you could save money if you just made your own laundry detergent. Your hippie girl is with you because of who you are, she honestly couldn’t care if you lived in the forest (in fact, she might have been more excited if you did).

Does this sound like your hippie girl? Did we miss anything else that the hippie girl in your life is SPECTACULAR about? Let us know!


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