6 Steps To Learn How To Love Yourself

Everyone’s self esteem takes a hit at one point in their life for one reason or another. Perhaps you just went through a bad break up, or you lost your job. When things like this happen it’s difficult to learn how to love yourself again. There is no quick fix for this; you have to […]

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5 Reasons To Kill Your Facebook Account


Social media is a disease. I say this as a person who has a love/ hate (mostly hate) relationship with Facebook. There are some good things about social media, but for the most part it’s problematic. It’s time to say good-bye to your Facebook account once and for all. It’s A Time Suck Do you […]

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5 Reasons To Live On A Homestead

These days you might be hearing a lot about people moving out of the city and starting their own homesteads. There are a lot of benefits to starting your own homestead and living off the land the way mother nature intended. Life Is More Peaceful Living life in a big city can be exciting, but […]

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5 Reasons To Try A Polyamorous Relationship


As the free spirited hippie that you are, you might have considered trying out a polyamorous relationship, which is slightly different from an open relationship. There are a lot of benefits to having one, and I think that everyone should try it at least once in their lifetime. They’re A Lot Of Fun Polyamorous relationships, […]

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5 Reasons Everyone Should Be Playing Music

Music is one of the things that makes life more beautiful. We can’t live without it. While listening to music is a wonderful thing, and it is perhaps one of my favorite activities, I believe that everyone should learn how to play music. Playing music, while in and of itself is a fun and rewarding […]

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10 Habits Of Emotionally Intelligent People

One of the keys to getting what you want out of life is learning how to be an emotionally intelligent person. This is not an easy thing to do since people, as a rule, tend to be ruled by their emotions. There are specific things that emotionally intelligent people do, that others don’t. If you […]

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