Need some awesomely winterly date ideas? Check these out!

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Winter is such a beautiful time of year, although it is also definitely one of the harshest. While some might believe that winter’s icy chills make for a poor time for romance, I say those people just haven’t found the right types of winter dates yet! The snowy wonderland gives you the opportunity to take your date on a comforting and relaxing joyride, or get a little rough in the snow. If you haven’t found the right type of winter dates for you yet, have no fear, we have a list of great dates that you can try!

1. Snow Tubing

It’s like being pulled by gravity down a wave of snow! It’s awesome! Snow tubing is a lot like sledding, just in a inflatable tube (duh). What you might not know is how much fun it is, from giant hills to specially crafted race tracks. Check out your area for good tubing hills, and remember to bring a helmet!

2. Sledding

Nothing is as exciting as flying down a snowy hill on top of a plastic trash can lid leading towards a hastily-made jump that will send you straight into a huge pile of fluffy snow. Of course, nobody is to say that the slightly-less steep hill that doesn’t cause you to speed down the hill at breakneck speeds won’t be as exciting.

3. Bonfire

There’s no better excuse to get close to someone than to conserve body heat, it’s science! So take your boo outside, prop up some chairs, light up a fire (a safely constructed, well-tended, fire), and let the glowing flames do their work. Sitting around a fire, outside, looking at the stars can open you up to some great conversation atmosphere, just be careful around the open flame.

4. Check out a local cafe

It’s important to take your significant other out into public, you can’t just stay at home and binge-watch Netflix forever, no matter how much you might want to. Go outside, get a taste of the wonderful atmosphere that is your town or city. Even if you’re not a fan of the atmosphere of other people, you can always make a fun date practice of going out to try the local food specialties in your area.

5. Ice Skating

I admit that I can’t skate on the ice to save my life, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t take someone ice skating. Sometimes, making a fool of yourself is alright, you need to show your significant other that you’re not embarrassed to let them see the unpolished parts.

6. Check out the Christmas Lights

Take a drive around the neighborhoods! Check out the setups that your local communities have to show off their holiday spirit! Some houses are even advanced enough to go along with pre-set musical playlists.

7. Pretend you’re snowed in!

Even if you live in an area that doesn’t have snow at all, you can do this. Close the blinds, turn off the lights and set up some candlelight. Turn off your phones, too, for good measure.

8. Watch some local winter sports

See if your city has any awesome winter sports teams, like hockey! Usually local sport teams tickets are relatively cheap, and can be as fun as you make it. Even if you both don’t know much about the winter sports, if you throw yourselves into it, you will enjoy the wonderful sports atmosphere.

9. Find some hot springs (or a hot tub) to soak in

Check out the area around you if there are any natural hot springs! The best way to combat nature’s cold, is with nature’s warmth! If you are so bold, there are some hot springs that are just a short hike to, but if you’d rather an easier trip, you could also check out your apartment’s community hot tub.

10. Head to the beach!

Don’t let the cold stop you from enjoying the wonderful oceans that you have access to! While your local ponds or lakes might have frozen over, the oceans will always continue to wash away the worries of your mind

Obviously this is just a few of the awesome winter dates that you can take your beloved to do, so don’t stop here! Explore, travel off the path, pick up new memories along the way! If you happen to stumble across another awesome winter date idea, share it with us!

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