Maryland House votes to allow midwives, dentists, other physicians to prescribe weed

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Although Maryland has already been a supporter of medical marijuana, legalizing the practice in 2013, the state has voted to extend those capabilities to various other extended healthcare practices.

Currently, Physicians are prohibited from prescribing marijuana, but the proposed measure would allow midwives, nurses, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare professionals the ability to do so. Those individuals who apply to be certified prescribers must be in good standing with their respective board, and have specific controlled substance certification provided by the state.

This past Friday, the Maryland House of Representatives voted 110-21 in favor of passing the measure, which was sponsored by Del. Dan. K Morhaim (D). Morhaim is also a physician, and has sponsored several other measures similar to this, and also measures with efforts to decriminalize low-level possession of narcotics for those medical marijuana patients.

Although Maryland is moving forward with its legal system, it’s commerce is still catching up. The first expected medical marijuana dispensaries and stores are expected to open in Maryland in 2017.

For more information, check out the original article at the Washington Post.

Yet another step towards total availability, and the realization of marijuana’s full capabilities! What is your state’s current stance on marijuana? Does it look like it might have a positive future? Share with us your stories in the comments!


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