Make drinking water from thin air!

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Have you had the desire to whip water out of thin air? Well now you can! The DewPointe DH9 Atmospheric Water Purification System will extract water vapor from the air by utilizing similar technology that can be found in home dehumidifiers.

Through the process of processing the water vapor in the air, the DH9 will automatically eliminate virtually all contaminants that are typically found in ground-water. It will also continue to filter the water with its installed electrostatic air filter to remove airborne contaminants as well as the uV light built to destroy bacteria and other microorganisms. In addition to these features there is also a coconut hull filter that cleans out heavy metal toxicity, chlorine, and salts, it also has a reverse osmosis feature which is intended as the final layer of protection. At the end of this process the DH9 is estimated to have eliminated 99.99% of the contaminants.

Don’t be fooled, the DH9 is no simple knick-knack. The DH9 is intended to replace standard home or office water coolers and purifiers. In fact, the DH9 could serve as a breakthrough technology for areas with limited access to clean water, specifically areas with no access to ground-water or developing companies.

The only limitations to this device is the atmospheric humidity within in any given place. In a dry desert area, where humidity could typically average in the 30% range, the DH9 has the capacity to produce 10 L (2.5gal) of pure water daily, however it has the capacity to do three times as much in humid environments.

A DH9 will offer you easy access to purified drinking water, at the hefty price of $1600. This item is clearly no needless luxury, but in fact could be a building block to establishing ecological independence for communities or your home!

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I think this is an impressive piece of technology that could positively influence the world! I also think this would be very useful for anyone that is trying to live off the grid with minimal environmental impact! What do you think? Share your opinions in the comments!

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