Father Arrested for Successfully Treating His 2-Year-Old Daughter of Cancer with CBD Oil

Despite numerous medical studies that show the benefits of CBD oil, people are still facing criminal charges for attempting to treat themselves.

Adam’s two year old daughter is taken away.

Adam Koessler of Queensland Australia is facing potential prison time for successfully saving his daughters life through the administration of CBD oil.

More and more cases are popping up of parents being forced to break laws in order to get their kids the treatment they need.

A fearless father with his daughter

Despite criminal charges Adam is not deterred. He witnessed first hand the benefits of administering CBD oil.

The results were amazing, what we saw when Rumer was given the medical cannabis oil what nothing short of miraculous. Her cancer ridden little body was alive again — Rumer had almost instant quality of life…Her skin color came back, her eyes were sparkling again…We were certain after seeing these results that her recovery was entirely possible.

After the hospital learned what Koessler had done the hospital contacted police and told them what happened. Law enforcement immediately arrested Koessler at the hospital for supplying drugs to a minor.

A petition demanding that the government drop the charges against Koessler and allow him to see his daughter has received over 201,928 supporters, and his case has caught the attention of people all over the world.

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