6 Steps To Beating Your Addiction To Technology

addiction to technology

Technology is an amazing thing; it allows us to connect with anyone in the world in seconds, and all of the world’s knowledge is available to you, whether you’re researching a term paper, or settling an argument in a bar. Like everything else, too much is detrimental to you. So, how do you beat an addiction to technology?

Don’t Bring Your Phone To Bed

This is by far the hardest habit to break, but it is essential for beating your addiction to technology. When you sleep with your phone next to you, then it’s really easy to begin your day by checking your various social media accounts. Scroll through your newsfeed on Facebook for five minutes, send out a couple quick tweets and then you’re ready to face the day, or are you? Picking up your phone first thing in the morning is a huge time suck. You’re more likely to stay in bed scrolling much longer than you should; then you’re running late and you have to rush. Getting on your phone shouldn’t be the first thing that you do every morning. Take that time to make a decent breakfast, take a long shower, or better yet, meditate. Your brain will thank you.

Stop Googling Everything

Google is hella convenient. The answers to pretty much everything you could ever want to know are available at your fingertips. The problem with this is that people now allow Google to do their thinking for them. No one really uses their brain to try to problem solve anymore, because it’s faster and easier to just Google it. As a result, we have become a society of lazy thinkers. Stop using Google for everything, especially for mundane things like trying to figure out what movies you’ve seen an actor in before. Instead of going straight to IMDB, just think about it for a couple minutes. Try reading things instead of googling them.

Don’t Check Work Email When You’re Not At Work

There is no reason for you to be checking your work email when you’re not being paid for it. You should sign out of your work email every day when you leave so that you’re not tempted to check it when you’re not there. If you can’t do it during the week, then you should definitely do this on the weekends. If you tend to receive a lot of work emails, then checking them when you’re not at work can be a problem because they will be marked as read when you open them; then you might forget to reread these emails when you come back to work on Monday.

You Don’t Always Need Your Phone

You definitely know that you have an addiction to technology when you can’t even go five minutes waiting in line without pulling out your phone. The same goes with taking your phone into the bathroom. First of all, this is a gross habit, secondly you’re going to end up spending way too much time in there. Wait until you’re done to browse jewelry on Etsy, or set your fantasy football lineup. Use that time to ponder things like the deeper meaning of life, or what you want to make for dinner instead.

Turn Off Notifications

When I got my first smartphone six years ago, I had notifications for everything, email, social media, Yelp, and even all the useless games that I played. Endless notifications are not only incredibly annoying, they are very distracting. You don’t need any of those notifications. Someone liking your Instagram post about what you had for lunch is not important enough to interrupt your thought process; you’ll see it the next time you check the app.

Try A Digital Detox

If your addiction to technology is really beginning to interfere with your life, as in it’s affecting your ability to work and maintain personal relationships, then you should consider a digital detox. This is basically like a program to help people learn how to connect with real life again; basically it’s rehab for people glued to their iPhones. If you think that this applies to you, then you might consider checking it out. Remember, the first step is admitting that you have a problem.

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