5 Reasons To Go Vegan (Or At Least Consider It)

As a health conscious and environmentally friendly hippie, you’ve probably thought about going vegan once or twice before. There are a lot of good reasons to go vegan, the least of which being that it’s better for mother earth. Some people are a little apprehensive about taking the plunge, I have been considering it for a couple of years now. We’re kinda scared to. Some think that they won’t enjoy eating as much, they’ll miss bacon too much, or it’s expensive. None of those things are the case, except for maybe missing bacon, but you get over that, I’m told. We should definitely go vegan, or at least consider it.

Vegan Food Is Delicious

Contrary to popular belief, vegan food is not boring. In fact, there are tons of delicious meals that you can make without using meat and dairy. You also don’t have to live off of things like tofu; there are plenty of much tastier meat alternatives. You also don’t have to live off of salad if you don’t want to, though salad is delicious. The internet is filled with tasty and creative vegan recipes, so you’ll never be at a loss of what to make for yourself. Full disclosure, my favorite restaurant is this cute little vegan tea house a couple blocks away from where I used to work.

Meat Consumption Is Killing The Planet

Meat consumption is actually terrible for the environment. Forests are being leveled continuously to make room for grazing fields for cattle; this is the main reason for the destruction of the Amazon rain forest. Raising animals to be slaughtered also uses a lot of other precious resources, like water. This not only harms the environment, it’s also detrimental to people in developing areas around the world. Going vegan is probably one of the most environmentally conscious decisions that we could all make.

It’s Healthier For You

In addition to being healthier for the planet, veganism is also healthier for you. Cooked meat can contain carcinogens, especially when it’s over cooked, as lots of people tend to do. A study that was recently conducted by the World Health Organization showed that processed meats were second only to cigarettes when it came to causes of cancer. That should be enough of a reason to say buh-bye to meat and dairy for good.

Contaminated Meat

Meat consumption can not only potentially cause cancer, there’s a very high chance that most of the meat that we’re eating is contaminated. What is it contaminated with, you ask? It’s shit. That’s right, our meat has fecal matter in it. Don’t take my word for it; check out this article from Mother Jones. Even if you’re eating locally sourced meat, there’s still a high probability of contamination. It kind of gives new meaning to the term “shit eating grin”, doesn’t it?

You’re Helping Animals

Most of the meat that we eat comes from factory farms with absolutely atrocious conditions, hence why the meat is usually contaminated. It’s not just cattle and pigs; the eggs that you buy from the store come from chickens that are horribly mistreated. They are put into coops so tiny that they can barely move, they live in almost total darkness and live a short life of abject misery. Then there’s the issue of how chickens are slaughtered. If you are still eating eggs, then always verify that they are farm raised, cage free, and vegetarian fed.

Well, I think I’m convinced. We should all definitely go vegan.

Image Source: Pinterest.com-cow loving

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