5 Reasons To Cut A Toxic Person Out Of Your Life

We’ve all had a relationship with a toxic person. I don’t necessarily mean a romantic relationship, though that seems to be the form they typically take. Toxic relationship are very difficult to get out of, but it’s worth the effort because you feel so much better when you do finally sever ties.

They’re Sucking Up All Of Your Energy

When you’re in any kind of relationship with a toxic person, whether romantic, platonic or even just an acquaintance they have a way of absorbing all of your good energy. Whether they mean to or not they are sucking all of the energy out of you, and leaving you with no energy for yourself or the other people in your life. This is because you are spending all of your time trying to please them and maintain a relationship, while they are using you, lying to you, or taking advantage of you. I’ve had friends like this, and I’ve been in romantic relationships with these people. They only come around when they need something, and they always need something from you. In return, you get nothing. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

You’ll Be Happier

This toxic person is taking all of your energy and they are turning it into negative energy. So naturally you always feel tired and depressed. You’re not able to find enjoyment in any other aspects of your life when your time is spent around these types of people. You deserve to be happy and this person is not making you happy.

You’ll Have Higher Self Esteem

A toxic person has a way of lowering your self esteem, whether they’re gas-lighting you, or just laying on massive guilt trips. You get used to hearing about how terrible you are, how much of a disappointment you are, and then after a while you begin to believe it. This type of thing is difficult to bounce back from, but you can do it. All it takes is time, and most importantly cutting the cord on that toxic person in your life.

They’re Demanding All Of Your Attention

When you have a toxic person in your life, they not only take all of your energy, they monopolize your time as well. Then the rest of your relationships begin to suffer. Anyone who’s been in a toxic romantic relationship can attest that they also lost friends during this time in their life. Toxic people like to make you think that your time and attention is the only thing that helps them, so your time is best spent with them. Once you’re free of that person you can begin to repair the relationships that really matter.

They Only Cause You Pain

You might care a lot about the toxic person in your life, but it’s not reciprocated. You are getting nothing but pain out of this relationship. You might not realize it, but they are even starting to affect your health. A toxic person does nothing for you but cause pain with their selfishness. It’s time for you to be the selfish one and take back control of your life.

Severing ties with a toxic person is in a lot of ways like being escaping from prison, and it’s about the same level of difficulty! Devote your time, energy, and love on someone who deserves it. After all, you deserve it.

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