5 Brands Dominating the 420 Industry

There is a LOT of opportunity in the 420 industry. As more and more states begin to legalize marijuana both medically & recreationally, the competition is starting to heat up.

There’s a race going on folks. Over the next 5-10 years, thousands of brands are going to compete to be the best in their industry. Who is going to come out on top? No one knows.

Currently, these are five brands we think are doing an amazing job dominating their industry.

1. /r trees

Reddit is the front page of the internet, and r/trees is one of the largest 420 communities in the world with over 800k current subscribers. It has celebrity moderators like Snoop Dog & is unofficially known as the “Home of the Ents”.

If you want to post pictures of yourself toking, r/trees is a great place to do it.

2. Massroots

Massroots is known widely as one of the most popular, and only, cannabis focused social media platforms that exist to date. Started inside of a college dorm by creators Isaac Dietrich and Tyler Knight, the college students wanted to create a way to share images of their toke sessions without posting to Facebook where their families would find the pictures.

Its initial creation was in April 2013 and only a year later in March 2014, the social media platform was gaining 20-30 thousand organic followers a month, leading the iOS app to gain status on Apple’s 200 fastest growing apps list in November of that same year. Between it’s estimated 750 thousand current users and one-thousand various advertising contracts, Massroots has the opportunity to grow to be one of the largest cannabis communities on the internet.

3. Grasscity

Part headshop, part social outlet, Grasscity has been growing into one of the largest online headshops today since the opening in 2000. Grasscity still strives to provide the highest quality and variety of products to over 600 thousand members of it’s community shoppers and even more guests. From bongs and water pipes to nails and grinders, papers and stash tins, Grasscity has grown to be the one-stop shop for all of your toking needs (and one of the best places in the world to get a bong). In addition to the Grasscity inventory, the forums has also taken off as one of the best places to turn to for cannabis smoking how-to’s, Do It Yourself projects, and farming techniques.

4. Leafly

Leafly is commonly referred to as the largest cannabis-related website in the world, hosting over 8 million visits a month, and over 150 thousand individual strain reviews. Leafly is an excellent site that allows users of medical and recreational cannabis to read reviews of various strains, products, and dispensaries. Heralded for it’s depth in cannabis strain reviews, medical marijuana patients often utilize the website to determine the correct strains in order to assist their ailment without needing to try strains they’re afraid won’t be as effective. This review system also applies to dispensaries, from customer service, to full menus of the products sold at each dispensary. Edibles are also growing in reviewing popularity on the site, making Leafly the clear-cut choice to go to when looking to find more information out about purchasing cannabis.

5. Cheech and Chong

The days of Cheech and Chong will never be behind us. The iconic duo that has supported the marijuana movement through constant public statements, developing their own glass brand, touring across the world with their music, and of course, their collection of hilarious movies dating back to 1978’s Up in Smoke. The comedy duo still commonly utilizes their talents in the name of cannabis by touring with their music and comedy routines, as well as frequently lending their acting talents to their own side projects, and many movies and television shows as well.

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