25 Things Hippies Love About Fall


It’s finally fall, which means a number of things: the world is a little more colorful, you don’t have to worry about sweating your face off and everything tastes like pumpkin spice! There are many things hippies love to love about fall, so break out the ugly sweaters and enjoy all that fall has to offer.

The Color Of Leaves Changing

This is one of my favorite things about fall, and the reason why fall is my favorite season. Everything is so colorful. The world looks like it’s on fire.

It’s Finally Cooling Down

Summer is awesome and I always have a lot of fun doing things outdoors, but sometimes it’s so hot that you don’t want to do anything. Fall is the perfect season for going for walks.

Time To Bust Out The Patchwork Sweaters

I love my sweaters. So much in fact that the last time I counted I had around forty of them, in all different colors. All of them came from the thrift store, naturally.

The Sound Of Leaves Crunching Under Your Feet

What’s more satisfying than the crunch crunch sound of freshly fallen leaves.

Going To A Pumpkin Patch

If you’ve never been to a pumpkin patch, I highly recommend going at least once. Walking among all the pumpkins is enough to make you feel like a fall princess.

Time To Get Excited About Halloween

Halloween is seriously the best holiday. You get to dress up, decorate your house, and take your kids trick or treating (and steal their candy when they’re not looking). Halloween should happen more than once a year in my opinion.

Planning Your Halloween Party

Planning Halloween parties is more fun than planning other parties. You get to make decisions like whether or not to have a haunted house, and it’s the only party where it’s appropriate to not get rid of the cobwebs on your ceiling.

Fall Beer

Fall beers are the best seasonal beers. Even if you’re not into things like pumpkin beer, there are plenty of other delicious beers to try.

The Smell Of Rain On Fallen Leaves

I love the smell of rain any time of year, but there’s something about the smell of rain in the fall that is extra soothing.

Crisp Air Is Great For Your Psyche

The crisp air is not only great for your lungs, it’s also great for your psyche. Taking a walk through your neighborhood during the fall is a great way to clear your mind and center yourself.

Time To Start Drinking Tea Again

I love drinking tea in the fall, especially when I’m on my couch reading a good book. Tea can make almost anything better.

Carving Pumpkins

Somehow I never end up carving as many pumpkins as I want to. Not this year. This year I will carve at least ten pumpkins. One of the best things about carving pumpkins is toasting the seeds afterward. After drying them out, throw on some sea salt, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper. Bake at 350° and thank me later.

Watching Your Dog Play Around In The Fallen Leaves

If you have a dog, you’d have to agree that few things are more adorable than watching them play around on piles of leaves.

This Is The Best Time Of Year For Grapes

September through October is prime grape season, so stock up!

Watching The Sunset Against Orange Leaves

Seriously everything looks like it’s on fire!

Cooking Crockpot Meals

Now that it’s getting cooler out, it’s time to bust out the crockpot! You can make enough delicious food to last you all week if you do it right.

Enjoying A Warm Fire In Front Of Your Fireplace

This is the time of year when I really miss having a fireplace. A roaring fire and the smell of firewood make for a really chill atmosphere.

Meditation On A Rainy Day

I don’t know about you, but my favorite time to meditate is when it’s raining. There’s something about the steady beat of rain on the roof that makes it easier for me to center myself.

Fall DIY Projects

If you’re a crafty person then there’s no time like fall to revamp your house with some craft projects.

Wandering Through A Corn Maze

You can pretend like you’re a character in a horror movie.

Cozy Socks

Time to put away the sandals and dig out all of your socks, the fuzzier the better.

Snuggling In A Warm Blanket And Reading A Good Book

Being wrapped in a blanket makes it easier to escape to another world for some reason.

Walking Through An Apple Orchard

Fall is the best time for apples. period.

So Much Homemade Soup

I’m so excited to start making soup again. It’s quite possibly the perfect food.

Knitting Scarves

There’s so many colors to choose from. Anything you knit will be unique!

There are so many things to love about fall. We’re finally finished with a long and hot summer and we couldn’t be more ready for crisp air and cool nights.

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