13 Groovy Things About Dating A Hippie

Hippies are some of the most fascinating and incredible people you’ll ever meet. They captivate the people they choose to surround themselves with. There are many reasons for you to be dating a hippie. If you never have, you should certainly consider it. You only live once, right?

Hippies Are Free Spirits

Hippies are free spirited people, which is beneficial for the people lucky enough to date them in a lot of ways. Free spirits are more independent, and generally less needy than other people. Hippies are filled with energy and light seems to radiate from them constantly.

They’re More Open Minded

Hippies are more open minded than other people, which is great news for people dating them. Hippies are not hung up on things like appearance, so you don’t need to stress if you’ve got a bit of leg stubble, or have gained a little weight. Hippies are not shallow people; they value you for the person that you are on the inside.

They Are Great Conversationalists

Hippies are excellent conversationalists. They love talking about the deeper meaning of existence and how to make the world a better place. Hippies aren’t gossipers, which is why they make better friends and better life partners.

Hippies Love To Travel

Hippies love to travel to new places and go on adventures. If you’re lucky enough to date a hippie, they will take you to places that you always wanted to go, but never thought you’d be able to. Life is one big adventure to the free spirited hippie.

They Tend To Be Less Jealous

Hippies are tend to be less jealous people than others. Hippies love to meet and befriend new people. They understand the need for independence, as well as the need to meet new people.

Hippies Are Not Materialistic

Hippies are not materialistic people by nature. They understand that the best things in life are things that don’t come in fancy packages. You won’t feel pressured to buy your hippie girlfriend expensive diamond jewelry, nor will you feel like you’re being used for your money. Hippies are not impressed by cool cars or designer clothes. You’re free to be yourself.

They’re More Health Conscious

Hippies are very health conscious and tend to be nurturers and healers. You’ll eat healthier when you’re dating a hippie and you’re probably going to be getting more exercise via riding a bike, or going on nature hikes.

Hippies Are Happier

Hippies are happier and more at peace with the world than others. They are more accepting of their flaws and they will be more accepting of yours as well. Hippies emanate positive energy and those around them can’t help but feel a little happier too.

They Are Spontaneous

Hippies love spontaneity, so you’ll never be bored if you decide to date one. A date with a hippie could consist of busking on a street corner, going to a music festival, or attending a protest. There’s always something fun to do when you’re dating a hippie.

Hippies Are Less Clingy

Since hippies are free spirits and love independence, they are less clingy than other people. Hippies understand the need to give people space when they need it. They won’t be upset if you say that you’d prefer to spend tonight at home for some much needed me time.

They’re More Frugal

Hippies have no need for material things, so they are also more frugal than most. They only spend money on the necessities of life, like food and bills. A hippie would rather make new clothes than buy new clothes.

Hippies Are Passionate People

Hippies are passionate about the things that they believe in, like making the world a more beautiful place. Hippies have many causes that they care about like world peace and saving the planet. This passion also translates into passion for the people that they love, and naturally they make better partners and better lovers.

They Make You A Better Person

Dating a hippie will inspire you to be a better person. Hippies are always looking for ways to feel more at peace with themselves and the world around them. They will encourage you to do the same. You’ll discover new things about yourself with each new day and you’ll learn how to be better at loving yourself.

If you date a hippie, you’d better be prepared to fall madly in love with them. Dating a hippie is a new and exciting experience and you’d better be ready for a wild ride!

Image Source: Tumblr.com Maud-chalard

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