10 Things You Can Do To Make The World Beautiful

The world can be a harsh and ugly place sometimes. There are plenty of small and simple things that you can do to make the world more beautiful. Most of these things take little time and effort you can make the world a more beautiful place.

Pick Up Trash

Picking up trash is one of the easiest things that you can do to make the world more beautiful. It’s also really easy too. Just pick up trash when you come across it on your daily walk. If you want to volunteer to clean up a highway in your area, even better! I walk around a lot and I always see trash that people carelessly discard on the side of the road. It takes no effort, and I always get a thank you from people when they see me do it. When I see other people do it, I always thank them.

Support Local Businesses

Part of making the world a more beautiful place is taking care of your local community. You can do this by making sure that you support locally owned and operated businesses in your area. Instead of shopping in big box stores, spend your money at local shops, boutiques, and farmers markets. You’ll have to pay a little more, but you’re helping out the people that need it.

Donate Old Clothing

Nothing makes the world more beautiful quite like helping people in need. This is why you should donate your old clothes and other things that you don’t use to a secondhand store. You’ll not only be helping someone in need, you’ll also clear the clutter out of your garage and out of your life!

Volunteer For A Cause

There’s nothing like the high that you get from volunteering for a cause that you believe in. It can be anything that you want, whether it’s picking up trash, volunteering to read to children at the library, or canvassing for a progressive political candidate.

Adopt A Pet From A Shelter

Animal shelters are filled with potential pets looking for a good home. Pets make excellent companions, and you can find exactly the type of pet to fit your needs. Take the time to visit an animal shelter in your area, and save a life while you’re at it!

Be Kind To Strangers

We all agree that the world could use a little more kindness. You can help make the world a more beautiful place, and improve someone’s day, just by being kind to them. Compliment someone on their clothes, or simply hold the door open for them. Sometimes all it takes is a random act of kindness to turn someone’s crappy day around.

Give Someone Your Favorite Book

The best gift that you can give someone is the gift of knowledge. If you have a book that has changed your life, give that book to someone you know who could use it. Who knows, it might end up changing their life too!

Start A Community Garden

Starting a community garden is a wonderful way to not only make the world more beautiful, you’ll also be helping out your community. Community gardens spread love throughout your neighborhood by feeding people in need, and you get to form lasting bonds with your neighbors!

Plant A Tree

Trees do so much good for us humans, the least we can do for them is reciprocate by planting a tree. So many trees are cut down each day. You can cancel all of this destruction out by planting a tree in your yard or in a park. You can learn more about planting a tree where you live by going here.

Don’t Judge People Too Quickly

People judge each other far too harshly. This makes the world an uglier place. Don’t be too quick to judge people that you’ve just met, or people that you don’t even know. Everyone has a story. That person who cut you off in traffic might be on the way to the hospital with his pregnant wife. That older lady talking the cashier’s ear off in front of you in line might be really lonely and in need of human contact. Try talking to her yourself instead of cussing her out in your head.
There are lots of things that you can do to make the world more beautiful, you just have to care first!

Image Source: worldwidehippies.com

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