The One Week Minimalism Challenge

Sometimes the only way to really know what’s important in life is to strip yourself down to the bare essentials. We live in an age of “too much”. Too much information. Too much food. Too much constant stimulation. So I have a challenge for you. Okay, this is actually three challenges. I tried this myself […]

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5 Ways To Stay True To Yourself

stay true to yourself

These days when every aspect of our lives are online and out in public for the world to see, it’s difficult to stay true to yourself. We often find ourselves instead trying to fit into the mold of what we think others want us to be. I don’t need to tell you that this is […]

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10 Things No Hippie Should Ever Buy

no hippie should ever buy

Hippies can make a powerful statement with the things that they choose to spend their money on. The following things are either terrible for the environment, bad for you, made by large, faceless corporations, or all of the above. What all of these things have in common is that they are all things that no […]

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5 Ways You Can Live Off Your Art

live off your art

Everyone dreams about being able to make a living doing the things they love so that they don’t have to work a soul sucking corporate job. It used to be much harder for people to make a living while working in the creative field, unless they were super famous. It just so happens that people […]

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13 Groovy Things About Dating A Hippie

Hippies are some of the most fascinating and incredible people you’ll ever meet. They captivate the people they choose to surround themselves with. There are many reasons for you to be dating a hippie. If you never have, you should certainly consider it. You only live once, right? Hippies Are Free Spirits Hippies are free […]

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4 Ways To Turn Everything You Do Into Art


I think we could all agree that the world could use more art. I’m a firm believer in the idea that almost anything can be turned into art if you just add some creativity. Wear Your Clothes Differently Everything, including the clothes that you wear can be turned into art in some way. Take for […]

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5 Reasons For You To Love Being Alone


When you first come out of a bad break up you feel not only devastated, but really lost, especially if you’re just coming out of a long term relationship. There’s a bit of an adjustment period because you have to figure out how to live alone again. Then you get to realizing that being alone […]

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